Retargeting Display Ads

While they are a relatively new part of the online marketing mix, retargeting (or remarketing) ads are a vitally important part of virtually any successful campaign.

Ask yourself a simple question: how many potential customers or clients do you convert into buyers – or even leads – on their first visit to your website? Take a moment and think about this question while you imagine your favorite game show theme tune…

If you answered somewhere in the neighborhood of 2%, then give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve won the big prize. Once you’re done with that, though, stop and think about how astounding that statistic is. Only around two out of every hundred potential buyers will take a conversion action the first time they see your website, and that’s assuming your business is doing well!

The important next question, of course, is what are you doing to win the other 98% of website visitors? You’ve already executed the push through your social media, PPC, and behavioral/contextual targeting campaigns. You’ve done the hard work of getting them to your site through ads, blogs, and viral posts. How can you pull them back in to keep the conversation going?

That’s where retargeting comes in.

Retargeting ads work on an incredibly simple and effective concept: when someone lands on your website and navigates away without performing a desired action (such as placing an order or filling out a form), they see your ads on different websites that pull them back to your pages.

Let’s go back to the 98% of website visitors who don’t advance the sales process. You already know they were interested enough to visit your website and check out your products and services in the first place. And, you probably see your closing rates increase every time a visitor returns to take a closer look at details, prices, and next steps. So, why wouldn’t you want to have a second or third chance to win that business?

The numbers speak for themselves: three out of every five people notice ads for products or services they have already researched!

The payoff for a successful retargeting campaign is so huge that we recommend clients give it a try even if they aren’t using any of the other display advertising tools we offer. With just a few dollars a day they can gain:

  • Brand Recognition
  • Sales/Lead Conversions
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Sales Message Insights
  • Higher Advertising ROI

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