Geographic Display Advertising

Geographic ads don’t necessarily fall into a separate type or category of digital ads, but they deserve special attention because they can be crucial to the success of your display advertising campaign.

Some ad campaigns are only (or especially) relevant in certain geographic areas. For instance, consider the case of a retail store with a customer base that extends no further than 20 miles in any direction. Or, a business with a promotion that is applicable only for buyers in a specific state, ZIP code, or time zone. In these instances, restricting ads or customizing campaigns based on real-world location would be crucial.

This is where geographic display advertising and location-specific campaigns come into play. They let marketers control where ads will be shown, or change their messaging based on a user’s geographical details. To make things even more powerful, you can also create custom maps like the one below.

This practice is called geo-fencing and allows advertisers to specify parameters that don’t necessarily line up neatly with ZIP codes or other formal location details. In the example above, we end up with a rectangle-like shape that centers on major roads. However, you could create circles, triangles, or any other shape you can dream up if it helps you appeal to your perfect buyer.

Smart geographic targeting is an important push tactic that can make or break your display campaign. At My Digital Advertising we give you all the tools you need to zero in on your perfect audience. To learn more, keep clicking through the other topics on our site. Or, contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let us guide you through the process of creating your first campaigns!

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