Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be difficult to set up or optimize your campaigns when you’re new to online advertising, not to mention the associated terms and concepts. Below, you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions new clients have for our team.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising involves marketing to people using internet-connected electronic devices – namely computers, smartphones, and tablets. Digital marketing allows business owners to reach potential customers on numerous online channels, including search engines, social media sites, websites, and apps.

Why Should I Advertise?

Advertising doesn’t just help you reach out to potential customers, it also helps you shape the image and impression they have of your business. You can give them specific reasons to buy from you that set your company apart from the competition and feature compelling offers that cause them to contact you immediately.

Advertising is important for sales, branding, and lead generation. It also allows you to keep pace with your competitors, since the other business owners in your industry are undoubtedly advertising. If you don’t make an effort to reach out to your market, customers will be bombarded with messages from your competition online, in print, and through the radio and television without hearing from you.

With good advertising you can achieve strong and reliable business growth. Without it no one will know who you are, where you are, what you are doing, or why they should buy from you.

Can Digital Advertising Work with My Other Marketing Strategies?

Absolutely. Digital advertising has been proven to enhance other forms of marketing. For instance, businesses that use direct mail in conjunction with advertising through one or more digital media channels experienced a 118% boost in response rates compared to those who use direct mail only (source: Merkle).

What Is an Impression?

An impression is generated any time your ad is displayed on a website.

What Is a Click?

A click occurs when a searcher or website user sees your ad on a website they are visiting, interacts with the ad, and is taken to your landing page or destination URL.

What Is Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Click-through rate is the ratio of clicks compared to impressions calculated as a percentage. The industry standard for online display advertising is 0.10 – 0.15%.

Where Will My Ads Be Shown?

When you work with My Digital Advertising, your ads will appear across the web on major websites like ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, etc. This gives the average business owner or executive access to millions of people in targeted markets they would otherwise struggle to reach in a cost-effective way.

Why Am I Not Able to See My Online Ad?

Our platform allows you to set up highly targeted digital advertising campaigns. Because your ads will be configured to be shown only to specific audiences – for instance, those who are trying to buy or sell a home – you may not fall into the criteria set for your campaign. For that reason, seeing your ad might indicate that your audience settings weren’t correct.

Why Isn’t My Website Analytics Package Showing the Same Amount of Visitors as Clicks from My Advertising Campaign?

Advertising software and website analytics track different things. Your ad platform will register clicks or interactions with your advertising messages, while software like Google Analytics will count page views. Because the user must stay on your site for a given period of time to generate a view, these figures will almost always be different.

What Are Fake Clicks?

As digital advertising has become more sophisticated, some marketers have looked to unethical methods to give themselves a leg up. Fake clicks are a form of fraud meant to drive up a competitor’s advertising costs. This practice can be particularly damaging when you add up the expenses on a monthly or yearly basis. Please note that fake clicks are different than the occasional accidental clicks that arise from human error.

What Percentage of Clicks Are Fake?

The research firm Pixelate has estimated that 20% of all online clicks are either fake or accidental. Some of these originate from humans who simply make a mistake and click the wrong ad or link (or tap them with their finger while scrolling). The rest are generated by bots and click farms, meaning the ads are never seen by their intended audience. These types of malicious campaigns can typically be traced back to a vindictive competitor or a disgruntled ex-employee.

Where Am I Most Vulnerable to Fake Clicks?

No device or ad type is truly safe from fake clicks. Some experts think upward of 75% of all desktop clicks could be considered fake. Increasingly, mobile and in-app advertisers are being forced to scrutinize campaign results as well.

To avoid fake clicks, marketers should set up their campaigns carefully, keep a close eye on results, and work with a qualified digital advertising firm that can help them spot the signs of fraud, unintentional interactions, and malicious activity.

How Can I Tell If I’m Getting Fake Clicks, and How Do I Fix It?

The best way to identify fake or fraudulent clicks is to pay attention to your online traffic sources and advertising expenditures. Ad reporting software gives you real-time access to detailed information. You can use those insights to find the data you need.

For example, if a single website is giving you a huge number of unexpected clicks as compared to your overall campaign, it’s very probable that at least some percentage of those clicks are fake or fraudulent. In that case, you can exclude the website from your campaigns and study results to see whether you suffered any loss of leads or sales.

As you set up your campaigns, scrutinize the websites you’re advertising on to be sure they fit your customer profile. For mobile phone clicks, you should always see where your ads are being placed on specific websites, apps, or games. Doing so will help you maximize your budget and eliminate accidental clicks that may come from these websites or apps.

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