The Different Types of Display Advertising

We have reached a point in the business world where the term “digital advertising” is almost redundant. Given that buyers are spending more and more time each year on their computers, phones, and tablets, common sense says marketers should be trying to reach them through these devices.

With that in mind, we don’t just want to make the case for digital advertising in your company; we want to be sure you’re doing it the right way. Times have changed, even when you’re talking about the internet. Once upon a time, mailers, signs, billboards, and email blasts were your biggest tools for reaching out to new customers. It only made sense that the earliest attempts at digital advertising mimicked these approaches.

The Push

Whenever you are advertising over the internet, you’re trying to do one of two things: either push people to your website or pull them back to you. Both strategies are vital to achieve results, but they involve different tactics and formats.

For example, paid search ads or introductory promoted posts on social media sites can be thought of as push advertising. Each one is designed to introduce your business (or its products and services) to buyers and get them to check you out. The same applies to contextual and behavioral targeting ads. These are designed to push traffic to your website. Then, the hope is that potential customers or clients will fill out a form, make a purchase, or contact you in the real world.

The Pull

However, years of marketing experience tell us that the vast majority of prospects – somewhere around 98% – are going to need more exposure to your brand before they make a decision. That’s where strategies like retargeting come into play. They let you run continued ad campaigns to the same potential buyers, pulling them back toward your website and business where they convert in higher numbers.

It’s hard to put together a successful advertising campaign without a good push. And, if you neglect the pull you’ll almost undoubtedly miss out on winnable sales opportunities. The key is to take both into account and tweak your budgets and campaigns accordingly.

The Different Types of Display Ads

With the differences between push and pull out of the way, let’s look at the types of ads you might run with your campaigns:

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